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B26.COM is dedicated to Martin B-26 Marauder Men who fought in World War II. Personal accounts, photos of crews and planes, and related information.

Brief History: The first Martin B-26 Marauder mission flown was by the 22nd Bomb Group on April 5, 1942. Launched from Garbutt Field, Australia the B26's staged through 7 mile drome near Port Moresby, New Guinea to strike the Japanese base at Rabaul, New Britain. The B26's had to stage through 7 mile drome to top off the gas tanks to enable them to reach Rabaul and then fly back to Port Moresby. The conditions encountered by the crews of the 22nd Bomb Group were primitive in the extreme by comparison with those of the 9th Army Air Force (AAF) crews later in the war.

The last bombing mission by a Martin B-26 Marauder Group was that flown on May 1, 1945 by the 17th Bomb Group 1st Tactical Air Force. They bombed the gun positions on the Isle d'Oleron, France. The last Martin B-26 Marauder mission was flown by the 1st Pathfinder Squadron when 8 of their B26's led 130 Douglas A26's of the 386th, 391st, 409th and 416th Bomb Groups to the Stod Ammo plant in Czechoslovakia on May 3, 1945. More info...

Martin B-26 Marauder

Fun Facts: The Martin B-26 Marauder was a result of the need for a new and improved medium size bomber. In 1939, the request was out for a new aircraft that would exhibit the following requirements: high speed, long range and a bomb load of 2,000 pounds.

In July of 1939, the proposal for the B-26 was submitted and accepted, and the first production piece was flown in November of 1940. This aircraft measured 58 feet 3 inches long and had a wingspan of 71 feet - weighing in at 24,000 pounds (empty).

In its lifetime, over 5000 Marauders were produced. This plane had an impressive war record, participating in 129,943 missions, dropping 169,382 tons of bombs. The Marauder achieved these records with the loss rate of less than one percent.

See Marauder Firsts by Jack Havener

The following Marauder Men and their families helped us to tell their stories...thank you! Don't forget to sign the guest book.

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A Clay Abraham, Bob Ahrens, Richard Ainsworth, Manuel Albuquerque, E.J. Allen, Gerald Allen, John Allen, Richard Earl Allen, Andy Anderson, Charles Anderson, Diamond Anderson, Max Anderson, Roland C. Anderson, Jean Annez de Taboada, Casimer Apolinski, John Armstrong, Joseph Armstrong, Carl Arnold, Michael Astuto, Robert Auer

B Julius Bargholz, Arthur Barton, Edgar Beal, William Beaulieu, Wendell Beazer, Max Bedell, Del Bentley, William Berry, Sherman Best, Theron Blackwell, George Blancard, Julian Blount, Jack Bogle, Lloyd Bond, Tom Bond, Nick Bouras, John Bourlier, Bob Bouse, Paul Brady, Willis Brainard, Mark Bratton, Ivan Breaux, Ron Briscoe, Clifford Brokaw, Robert Brockett, Robert Brockhouse, Joseph Bruck, Richard Brunsman, Frank Buchanan, Christian Burger, Warren Butterfield, Andrew Byrd, Alfred Byrnes

C Jack Caldwell, Albert Caney, Bob Carden, Francis Carney, Kenneth Carty, James Carver, Nels Cassano, Joseph Castoro, David Castrellon, Rollin Childress, Everett Chrisco, Curtis Church, Bill Churchman, Joseph Chiozza, John Citti, Donald Clark, Maurice Cohen, Joe Coleman, TFB Collins, John Colsch, Willie Cone, Robert Conlen, Joe Connery, Robert Conrad, Ed Constable, Robert Coseo, Lauren Cowallis, William Cox, Ralph Craig, Charles Crecelius, George Croote, Russ Crumrine, Comelous Cruse, George Curtis

D Aldon Dancak, Fred Dees, Gene DeLorenzo, Myron Denny, Thomas W. Deering, Harry Deutman, Kenneth DeVerna, Francis Dickason, Norman Disharoon, Michael Donahoe, Joe Donato, Richard Donnelly, Fred Dopheide, Harold Dorsen, Glenn Doyal, Jim Draper, Clyde Duke, Ed Dunn, Gordon E. Durland

E Stephen Eady, Theodore Eaton, Carl Eckhardt, Roy Edge, Dwight Edwards, John Egan, Paul Ellzey, Jack Emhoff, Santo Endrizzi, Malcolm Enlow, Don Epstein, Paul Ermler, Mal Ernest, Jesse Eubank, John Eubank

F Jim Farrell, Luther Feagin, Robert Felt, Richard Felton, Samuel Findley, James Fisher, Frank Fitzer, Eugene Fletcher, Frederick Floyd, Girard Forcella, John Ford, Armin Frank, John Franzen, Clifton Freeman, Elmer Freeman, Don Frisbie, Raymond Fuller

G Charles Garrett, Moses Gatewood, Robert Gatrell, David Gearing, Nathan Geren, Lawrence Gillen, Joseph Gisavage, James Glattly, David Gleason, George Gleason, Fletcher Glenn, Leonard Goldberg, Dexter B. Goodwin, Lee Goodwin, Gilbert J. Gorski, Paul Gowey, Harry Graham, Sidney Grahn, Harry Gray, James Gray, Robert Gridley, Leo Green, Joseph A. Grow, Paul Guertin, Richard "Dick" Gunn

H William Haban, Josiah Hackney III, Boyd Hall, Robert Hammerberg, Thomas Handlon, Albert Hands, Elmer Hansard, Julius Hansen, Clyde Harkins, William Harris, Howard Hartley, John Hartman Robert Harwell, Ted Harwood, Homer Hash, Paul Hayslip, Richard F. Hazelton, John Helden, Ben Hicks, Leroy Hildebrand, Albert Hill, Henry Hill, Phillip Himmel, Donald Hines, Arlie Hitchcock, Frank Hobbs, Sterling Hoch, Horace E. Hodge, William C. Hoeb, Jim Hoel, Lawrence M. Hohlaus, Thomas Holland, Robert Holliday, Leonard Holmes, Bill Hornbarger, Jack C. Hornsby, Jim Houston, Thomas Howard, Stanley Hughes, Murlin Humphrey, Daren Hurst

I Walter Jennings Ives

J "Bud" Jackson, Willard Jacobson, Charley Johns, James Jones, Robert Jones, Walter Joos, Paul Jorgensen, Kenneth Juhl, Loy Julius

K Eugene Karlberg, Marvin Keller, Wilmoth Keller, George Kelly, James Kelley, Newton H. Kershaw, Wetzel Kimball, John Kim, Francis Kirby, Bob Kiriakides, Mahlon Kiscaden, Lloyd Kisner, Rubin Kichen, Edward Klemz, Chester Klier, David Knight, Joe Knight, Leroy Knight, Eddie Kozlowski, Lewis Kranz, Lawrence Kreissler, Delbert Kretschmar, Stanley Kucinski, Joe Kurill

L Bill Laberee, Matteo LaMuraglia, Oliver Lane, Kenneth Larsen, Robert Lawrence, Garnett Lawton, Jack Laydon, Joe Lazar, Léon Lebreau, Charles Leja, Arthur LeMieux, Chalender Lesher, Donald Leslie, Fred Levy, Roy Lewis, Darrell Lindsey, Lee Lipkis, Richard Lloyd, William Lloyd, John Long, William Lopatin, Lloyd Love, Domitilo Lucero

M John Magella, Peyton Magruder, Dom Malchiodi, Mason Mandell, Chester Mann, Hugh Manson, James Marcus, Ralph Marble, Hector Marcil, Melvin W. "Irish" Maslowsky, Merrill Matthews, Floyd Mauth, John McBride, John McCabe, Robert McCallum, Eugene McCarthy, James McCarty, John McClurkin, Frank McKeown, Robert McMillan, Weldon Mellody, John Merrill, Roy Meyer, Curtis Miller, David Miller, Joseph Miller, Albert Miner, Fred Mitchell, Victor Mitel, Hank Moen, John Moench, Floyd R. Monroe, George Moon, Elliott Moorhead, Wyatt Moore, Thomas Morgan, William Morgart, Louis Morin, Edward Morrison, Vincent Mosca, Arnost Mrtvy, William Mullinix, Edward Munge, Manuel Muniz, Eckard Munsch, Odell Myers

N Robert Nachel, Mark Nagel, Merv Neis, John Nemeth, John Newman, Edward Nielsen, Albert Norman, William North, Edward Norton, James Norton

O William O'Brien, Frank Ockert, Edwin Odell, William O'Hara, Ronald O'Neal, Roscoe Orr, John O'Shaughnessy, George Osgood, Paul Ostrom, Robert Ozburn

P Ed Pakish, Clint Palmer, Herchel Palmer, Perry Parish, Harry Patterson, John Payne, Joseph Peachman, Robert Peale, LeRoy Percy, John Perry, John D. Perry, Jr., Earl Oakley Petersen, Edward Peterman, Max Petrisek, William Phillips, William Edwin Phillips, Raffaele Pietroluongo, Joseph Pollock, Ralph Porter, Gaston Poulin, Edward Proctor, Donald Proudfit

R Eli Radanovich, James Ray, Louis Rehr, Leslie Reynolds, William Reynolds, Robert Richards, Wilson Riedy, Herbert Ritter, Clark Roberds, Richard Robinson, Roger C. Roland, Bill Rose, Joseph Ross, Stanley George Rotkewicz, Donald Round, Raymond Rowland, Carl Royer

S Charlie Salas, Henry Samspon, George SanGregorio, Charles Sanza, Robert Schacht, Eugene Schultz, Phil Scheier, Kenneth Schell, Richard Schlosser, William Schulte, Roland Scott, Earl Seagars, Roy Seymour, John Sharpe, Bill Shaughnessy, Donald Short, Harold Simmons, James Skinner, Joseph Sloane, Parker Smilie, Gayle Smith, James Smith, Sydney Smith, Acile Sneed, Casimier Sochocki, Harry Songtag, Nolen Sowell, Worth Speed, Harry Sperry, Paul Stach, Donald Stangle Paul Starr, Allen Stephens, Royce Stephens, Mont Stephensen, Myron Sterngold, Joe Stevens, Edward Stiffler, William Stockstill, Dearing Frank Stone, Bill Stuckey, Jim Stratton, Leo Sugerman, James Sweeney, Eugene Swinford

T Herbert Tanner, Robert Tate, Les Tenold, Harold Tharp, Donald Thomas, Parry Lloyd Thomas, Burl  Thompson, Bernard Thompson, Clifford Thompson, Robert Threadgill, Sonny Timbers, Edward Tipton, Leo Tomasiewic, Chuck Tompkins, Ramsay Toon, Jay Troup

U Emil A. Uhlig

V Clair Van Camp, Jack Vandegrift, Jerry Vath, Benjamin Vaughan, John Velthouse, Burton Lee Vreeland, George Vidusic, Colin Villines, David Vreeland

W Walter Wagner, Thomas Wakeman, Richard Waidelich, Willard Wales, Auzzie Warlick, Duryea Warn, Lawrence Weaver, William Weissker, Jerrie C. Wells, Jack Whitley, Ralph Willett, Harry Williams, Jim Williams, Ray Williamson, Don Wilson, Ralph Wilson, Rufus Wilson, Henry Winstell, Bob Witty, Charles R. "Randy" Wolfe, James Womack

Y James "Jim" L. Yep, Thomas B. Yester, Howard W. Young

Z Robert Zinkgraf, Richard Zinkowski, John Zitnyar, John Zubeck, Ralph Zuranski

“When You Go Home,
Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow,
We Gave Our Today” Kohima Epitaph

"The man who does not know who his great-grandfather was, naturally enough would not care what he was...the man who fears to disgrace his ancestor is certainly less likely to disgrace himself." Charles Major, "When Knighthood was in Flower"

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened or if you cannot manage that at least smile through the tears." Theodor Seuss Geisel

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